Birth place of Alexander Stewart (born. c. 1804)

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Re: Birth place of Alexander Stewart (born. c. 1804)

Post by Lotsofbranches » Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:39 am

Hi Doddie,

Apologies, my original post indeed had two typos … Helen was born in 1791 and George in 1793.

The correct information is:

Alexander Steurt and Margaret McLeay married in Urquhart and Logie Wester, Ross and Cromarty on 18 July 1789, and seem to have had 5 children there:
1. Hellen Steurt bap. 19 Aug 1791
2. George Steuart bap. 25 Aug 1793
3. Isobel Stewart bap. 3 Apr 1795
4. Donald Stewart bap. 15 Jan 1800
5. Alexander Stuart bap. 13 Dec 1802

At some point Donald Stewart and Alexander Stewart moved to Banffshire (Fordyce and Cullen respectively). I haven’t managed to trace any of the other siblings.

I would be very interested in any ideas or information on why these two brothers might have moved from Rosshire to Banffshire. We have no recorded family history on my side, but we always had the impression that the Stewart family had come from Banffshire. It was quite a surprise to discover that they had actually come from Rosshire.

I gather you are looking for information Alexander Stewart 1802’s son Daniel Stewart (born 1843 Cullen). I am descended from Donald Stewart 1800, and understand that 5 of his grandchildren moved to South Africa, and 1 of his grandchildren moved to New Zealand. Have you checked whether Daniel perhaps moved to South Africa, New Zealand or Australia?

Re sources, I found the marriage record on ScotlandsPeople, along with the baptism records.

Kind regards,

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Re: Birth place of Alexander Stewart (born. c. 1804)

Post by doddie » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:18 pm

Hi again Lotsofbranches,

Please excuse the very lateness of my reply to your latest email - lots of family issues on the go!

Thanks for the updated information, v. helpful. Like you, now that I have been able to confirm for certain Alexander's birth details and relevant family I still have the head-scratcher to contend with of why the move to Banffshire. I will dig deeper. As for Daniel, I will now investigate posible movements to Aus/N.Z./S.A. I have already looked into any possible USA & Canada connections (his nephews - sons of his brother George - moved to Canada) but have come up empty. Lots of 'D. Stewarts' in various passenger records on Ancestry but without a definite Christian name match it is a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack situation. Also, I have pretty much ruled out England as a destination. Will keep you posted.



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