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Parish numbers

Post by Bertha » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:12 pm

Hope someone can clarify this. Re parish numbers that say start 644/1, 644/3 etc. Does the number after the/ designate a time period eg say 1850-1860 for that parish or something else altogether? I thought it meant a district within that parish.
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Re: Parish numbers

Post by AndrewP » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:45 am

Hi Bertha,

The second part of the number is a sub-district. In your example, 644 represents the City of Glasgow (almost) as a whole; whereas 644/1 and 644/3 are smaller districts within Glasgow. To add to the mix, as the city grew, the amount of sub-districts changed over time, as required. See the following TalkingScot page which hopefully explains that.

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