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Re: Ancestry dna

Post by trish1 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:22 pm

Thanks John

I was thinking if they were into genealogy I would have found them online - as I found all the other distant cousins. I'm a little wary of the dna - but many thanks for your response - gives me more to think about. If I'd been doing this 30 years ago, I may well have made the trip to Ireland & may have found more information there.

Hi Sarah

My lot are slightly closer than yours. One branch I have a grandfather, probably born Wexford (Don't know if the town or the County) and another is a great grandfather who on different documents said he was born in Dublin, Cork and Wicklow - meaning he has not a clue where he was born or he liked to make things up when filling in government documents. I favour the latter.

I do have surnames (both very common) so seem to have an advantage in that regard.

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