Mary Jane Fraser McDonald

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Mary Jane Fraser McDonald

Post by nelmit » Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:51 pm

I'm looking for help confirming I have the correct birth record for a Mary Jane Fraser.

Here she is in 1891 at Castle St, Inverness -

John McDonald 81 born Laggan
Ewen McDonald 65 son born Laggan
Mary McDonald 42 born Ardersier (her name is actually Marjory)
Mary McDonald 19 granddaughter born Glasgow
John McDonald 16
Maggie McDonald 13
Donald McDonald 12
Bessie McDonald 9
Ewen McDonald 6
Grace McDonald 3
Marjory McDonald 4 Months

In 1881 Mary Jane is transcribed as Mary J E

I eventually found the marriage between Ewen and Marjory. :roll:

Even McDonald
27 Jun 1873
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Spouse's Name:
Margret Fraser

I know it is definitely them as I have looked at the entry on SP and parents' names match.

So knowing Mary Jane was born before Ewen and Marjory married I looked for an illegitimate birth of a Mary Jane Fraser around 1870/71 and thought this one looked promising.

Mary Jane Fraser
5 Aug 1871
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Tradeston, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Mary Fraser

When I looked at this record on SP the mother's name is actually given as May the way I read it. It is registered twice in Glasgow and I looked at the other one. I can't remember where and SP is down for maintenance at the moment so I can't display the original.

In 1861 Marjory (Margret, Mary) is with her parents at Petty and her name is transcribed as May.

I'm hoping there will be a poorhouse application and will look when the archives open again but until then what do you think??


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