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Re: My Clydebank Photos

Post by Owen » Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:50 am

Hello Sue,
I replied to you on Facebook and will attend the 4pm meeting. :)
Owen at My Clydebank Photos

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Re: My Clydebank Photos

Post by Alan SHARP » Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:05 am

Greetings Sue,

from one of the Alan's down under [NZ].

All the best for your project. It's spring here [all seasons in one at the moment] though later than usual, we have had a few great days, so there is more work than I can fit in a day.

Hopefully when I sell my farm, I will make the journey to the other side of the world, and see for myself, the land my Gt Grandfather left in 1842.



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