Holy Loch Memories Lost

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Holy Loch Memories Lost

Post by Logan1887 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:53 am

My husband served in the US Marines (1966-1972), later in the Navy Sea Bees (Construction Battalions) (1974-1990).

In 1983, he was assigned to Holy Loch Scotland and immediately discovered his "favorite duty station!" [cheers] =D> His 24+ years of service found him assigned every continent on earth, including Antarctica, at least twice. But Scotland was, and still remains, his favorite duty station. One day, he and I planned to visit Scotland, the home of my LOGAN ancestors. Sadly, he has contracted Parkinson's and is unable to travel.

While deployed to Scotland he was promoted to CPO (Chief Petty Officer). He was one of twelve Sea Bees who spent 10 months among a town folk who treated them as sons of Scotland. Their first payday, they decided to go to dinner at a local restaurant. Being "off duty", they arrived in polo shirts, jeans and sneakers. When they went in they noticed all of the other patrons were dressed in tuxes and gowns. They immediately turned around to leave only to be stopped by the Maitre' D (never could spell that word) who wanted to know where they were going? The Chief, said they weren't dressed properly and apologized. The owner smiled and said, "I'm the owner and I say you can dine here, anytime."

Not one of the other patrons left early, or complained about the men's casual dress. They were, as one Scot said, "John Wayne's boys!" (from the movie "The Fighting Sea Bees), and were welcomed everywhere they went.

Later in the deployment a drunk driver failed to take a corner and took out a monument that had stood at an intersection, for well over 150 years. The stone was cracked and part of the monument lay in the street. The Chief heard about the loss and the men took part of their weekend to and repair the monument; using dust from the local rocks to match the original weathering color. After that the boys were welcomed in everywhere. One resident even offered my husband a pure breed Collie; Al couldn't take the dog, because back then dogs had to be quarantined for 3 months before they would be allowed into the US.

During their stay, my husband exposed five rolls of film while in Scotland. Sadly on their last day, someone stole all but one roll, which was still in his camera; denying him of the memories of his favorite duty station. He was able to buy me my clan pin, but lost the film he had of Inverness, Loch Ness, Holy Loch and it's surrounding lands, Edinburgh, and more. He wanted the pictures, so he could give me an album that showed my ancestral home, for I am of the Clan LOGAN. My mother was a Logan, her father, my grandfather, was the eldest surviving Logan son, my brother, the eldest surviving grandson, I the eldest surviving granddaughter.

My husband remembers the people, the land, the history, and misses all very much. In May of 2014, we celebrate our 45th anniversary. If it possible, I would love to do an album for him, with pictures and stories of Scotland. I know, one time Clan Logan owned land around Edinburgh and the Highlands, I just don't have the details. If anyone can help us in recovering "some" of those memories, please let us know. Thank you.

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Re: Holy Loch Memories Lost

Post by AnneM » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:39 pm

Dear Logan1887

I grew up beside the Holy Loch and am sure that among my photos have some of the area from back then when your husband was there....or before or since. If you would like a copy or two send me a personal message with your email address and I will see what I can do. It might be a few weeks as I am shortly going on holiday but I can rake back through my pictures and see what I have.... not sure if I have any with the American ships on them.

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