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Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 12:03 am
by MaryE

We've had several parties on this Discussion Group ....


Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 1:22 pm
by Lorna Allison
Hi folks

Coming up 4 months since you all rallied round the cause of finding my lost Welsh family.

Catriona was good enough to want to know if I found the "lost boy". Well - yes and no.

I have spent a WONDERFUL weekend at Great Llwygy farm in their barn conversion. The present farmer networked on my behalf and I now have great photos of four different farms all in a very small area tenanted by my Price family. Also have a pic of a gap site in Sebastopol believed to be the site of the family butcher's shop! Yet to be confirmed.

A contact at Gwent FHS (who guided me all over Pontypool for pics of road signs and churches!) found Florence Mary's oldest sister, married to an engine driver and living in Wolverhampton with 3 children in the 1901 census, but the Eureka moment came on the morning I left for Wales - a reply from Pontypool Records Office with the birth certificate for John Charles PRICE, born 10 Sep 1884, 14 months before his mother died.

So, there was a boy but not the William who appears living with his grandparents and possibly "my" John Price in Newport 1891. Strange that the William is just the age John Charles would have been :roll:

Since the 3 girls had all been handed round the family by 1891 I am assuming the same happened to little John Charles and, given his age, he may have been assimilated into the family with his surname changing. I doubt I will find him again really, but there you go, hope springs eternal and at least I know he did exist.

There are just SO MANY John Prices in the Abergavenny, Pontypool area that finding out about the supposed suicide has been a non-starter so far. No inquest details without a date to go on. English/Welsh death certs are a dead loss (Oops) aren't they? No family data to guide you to the correct one and only really the person registering the death as a pointer. No luck so far.

Well, that is it folks. I have missed talking scot, I've been away too long. Can't seem to concentrate on more than one avenue at a time, but the time has come for the Pauls, Torrances et al to get some attention (sorry Joette, will get back to that Torrance thingy)

Bye now and a deep, deep thank you.



Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:22 am
by Adrian
Just surfed to this site and logged on merely to let you know that I have transcripts of Price of Cwmyoy, mainly late 18th early 19th C. Happy to check them. My email addy should show so please email me with the Cwmyoy data you already have. I will not be visiting this site again.

Also, do visit Greg Prices website which includes Price/Cwmyoy.

Adrian Verry
in New Zealand