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Post by SarahND » Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:26 pm

nelmit wrote: I see Dorothea's surname as Drochon.
I see it as Drochen, but that doesn't help much! :shock:
No results for either of those names on SP, nor FamilySearch... and a couple of random results on Ancestry: a Russian once, an Irishman another time, and also a German. But it is certainly not a common name. I wonder if the creative spelling of the clerk has done something with that name-- and if so, what was it originally?


P.S. Later... after a good bit of searching here and there, I think the usual spelling is Droghan and that most of the people with that name come from Ireland. For example, this might be interesting:

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Post by katjw » Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:09 am

Thankyou Annette, and Sarah,
I might have to leave Dorothea for a little while, at least until I establish what country I should be looking for her in. I'll start by looking to see if George became a british citizen, and try to determine when he arrived in Scotland.
I have already requested Ann's records but I am yet to hear back yet - she died well over a century ago, I can wait a few days! Especially when it's easter.
Please don't go to any expense, Annette, it would be lovely to determine if there are poor law records but my mum is going to Scotland later on this year and I will be putting her to good use collecting papers and information for me.
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Post by nelmit » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:42 pm

Thought anybody interested would want to see the application from George that I sent to Katrina. Unfortunately George gave his wife's mother's name as his own on the application.

Applied 27/9/1900

George Williams
179 Great Hamilton Street
Born - Germany Age - 77 Widower Occ – Skin Cleaner Religion - Protestant

Married 20th Nov 1867 at Edinburgh
Disability – Injury to side

Parents – George Williams, Butcher and Margaret Ross both dead.
Wife - Annie McDonald born Edinburgh died 20 years ago at Lenzie Asylum.

No Family.

(written later) One son Donald at 25 Chain Rd, Paisley.

This man applied at the poorhouse in a broken down and destitute condition having come in yesterday from Kilsyth. He seemed to be so bad that the officials deemed it advisable to admit him direct to the poorhouse. States he has no friends to give him assistance.
No fixed residence he has wandered about Kilsyth and Blantyre trying to get employment.

27/9/1900 – admitted

12/10/1900 – Poorhouse

11/4/1902 4.30pm – Per message from Camlachie Police Office – George Williams, 60 Westmuir Street in a stable. Application made for his removal to Poorhouse. Certified Rheumatism and Debility. He is said to have one son Donald at 25 Chain Road, Paisley. Next day 12th he is reported to be seriously ill. Was removed to poorhouse in van on 11/4/02.
Died in City Poorhouse 13/4/02.
Wrote son advising 14/4/02.

I did wonder what happened to Daniel but after reading George's application he was easily found. -

Name: Donald Williams
Age: 26
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1875
Relationship: Head
Spouse's name : Maggie
Gender: Male
Where born: England
Registration Number: 573/1
Registration district: Paisley
Civil Parish: Paisley
County: Renfrewshire
Address: 31, Maxwellton
Occupation: Horseskin Ckaner
ED: 9
Household schedule number: 16
Line: 2
Roll: CSSCT1901_204
Household Members:
Name Age
Donald Williams 26
Maggie Williams 2


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Post by SarahND » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:53 pm

Oh dear, Annette :(
Sad story. Thanks for posting it though. It's always helpful to see how it turned out.


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