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Jane baird was transported here to Australia .....

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 7:10 am
by qbeebill1
Need help with the folowing,,,can anyone help.....Can anyone help me, I am looking for Jane baird of hamilton born abt 1800, married to william haddow abt 1824 scotland. Can anyone help me find out details of this family. He was a member of the church of england.????
Also would like to know any details of the parents or brothers and sisters.

Regards William Kerr

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Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:47 am
by ninatoo
Hi William, The LDS site has a marriage listed for this couple at about 1824 in Lanark. It is a church member submission. Their children are listed as:

1. ELIZABETH HADDOW OR HADDEN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 29 DEC 1831 Ferniegair, Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland
2. JOHN WILLIAM HADDOW - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 28 APR 1825 Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland
3. JOHN HADDOW - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 28 APR 1825 Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland
4. JAMES HADDOW - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 1829 , Lanark, Scotland
5. ELIZABETH HADDEN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 1836 , Lanark, Scotland
6. ANN HADDOW - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 1827 , Lanark, Scotland


Re: Jane baird was transported here to Australia in mi

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 1:56 pm
by Jack
Hi William,
I'm 'fraid nothing to help you with Jane BAIRD. Was she transported before 1841?
This may be her hubby William HADDOW & family in 1841 as MADDEN? [wrong]
Census details below are from FreeCen.
But the GWSFHS index i looked at has the name as HADDEN. [correct]
1841 / 647 Place: Hamilton -Lanarkshire Enumeration District: 1 Folio: 17 Page: 9
Civil Parish: Hamilton Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Hamilton
Address: Ferniegair Hamlet.
HADDEN William M 40 Hedger Lanarkshire
HADDEN John M 16 Mason Lanarkshire
HADDEN Ann F 14 None Lanarkshire
HADDEN James M 12 None Lanarkshire
HADDEN Jean F 8 None Lanarkshire
HADDEN Elizabeth F 5 None Lanarkshire
HADDEN Mary F 1½ None Lanarkshire
HADDEN Elizabeth F 30 Female Servant Lanarkshire
BROWN Janet F 10 None Lanarkshire
BROWN Elizabeth F 9 None Lanarkshire
MACGHEE Gaven M 2 None Lanarkshire

One of the submissions found by Nina mentions wee Elizabeth (who probably died young), as born Ferniegair 1831.
For 1851, i can't see William & family in Lanarkshire.
Only Elizabeth HADDOW [38] with Gavin McGHIE [12], plus Smellie (male) FRAME [4mos] in Hamilton.
In 1861 Elizabeth HADDOW [46] is possibly with a McGHIE family (as born Carluke on both censuses)
[Edited to change surname Madden to the correct spelling on the page - Hadden,
a check of the original pages shows that an "M" is written very differently,
and though the "H" in occupation Hedger is not just quite the same,
directly opposite on page 10 is a Henderson - with same "H" as in Hadden]

Jane baird was transported here to Australia in mid 1840,s

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:09 pm
by qbeebill1
Thankyou for your help in this area, However I am trying to locate who Janes parents were and also that of her husband. Dates of there marraige and births would also help. Jane did not appear on the 1841 census ?? I understand she may have been in prison at the time..???? Can you help here...?????
Regards William kerr

Re: Jane Baird transported to Australia in mid 1840s

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 9:21 pm
by Jack
Hi William,
Can't see anyone that "sticks out" as a possibility for Jane/Jean BAIRD in Lanarkshire (inc. Glasgow) 1841.
I've searched the name indexes for a 30 to 50 yr old with these *wildcards*.
J*n* B*R*D
J*n* H*D*
J*n* M*D*
There are some Jane/Jean/Janets, but they all seem to be with family,
and the snag with 1841 is no relationships are given, or whether married.
In 1841 LKS there are near 600 BAIRDs, and over 300 of them are to be found in Old / New Monkland, and Bothwell.
The HADDOWs number abt 290 in 1841 LKS - with abt 60 in the above three mentioned parishes.
There are quite a few further south though, mainly for the parishes around Lesmahagow.
But both names are mentioned all over Lanarkshire.
Are there any trial records that may give a clue on Jane?
Seems odd that she wasn't with hubby in 1841, because you say it was the mid 1840s Jane was transported.
What happened to hubby William HADDOW, and all the children?
Did he emigrate with them to Australia? As mentioned, i can't see the family together in Lanarkshire 1851.
Pity the 1841 census doesn't give relationships - it might've been useful to see who Elizabeth HADDEN (30) was.
(the 1851 & 1861 censuses may help - i'll have a look) [they didn't - pls see below]
So a bit of a puzzle for William & Jane at the present time.
All we know is that William was probably born in Lanarkshire.
ps - later.
This looks very much like the Elizabeth that was with William HADDEN in 1841 [name amended on previous post]
I'd like to think she was his sister - but in reality she may be a cousin, coincidence, or whatever.
(though she is as part of William's household in 1841, and not as a separate family within it)
At least her DC falls into the Statutory Records.
[but alas, parents unknown, informant Smilie Frame, son - pls see below]

There is a birth in the IGI for an Elizabeth Haddow (1813 - Carluke) which could suit her ages in the censuses,
but her parents (John Haddow & Margaret Somervill) were married in 1813, and your William was born abt 1800.
(this 1813 born Elizabeth may not be the one with William - we don't as yet know)
The IGI has only the female births for Carluke, but the original OPR film (and SP i presume) should show male births too.
1851 census 647 (657) Ed 5 p 38 (Hamilton)
6 Low Patrick Street.
Elisabeth HADDOW, head, u/m, 38, washerwoman, b Carluke, LKS
Gavin McGHIE, son, 12, weaver, b West Quarter, LKS
Smellie FRAME, son, 4mos, -----b Hamilton, LKS
1861 census 647 Ed 21 p 6 (Hamilton)
Low Waters.
Gavin McGHIE, head, marr, 60, carter, b Hamilton, LKS [died 1875 as aged 82 - informant Mary Frame, niece]
Elizth. HADDOW or McGHIE, wife, marr, 46, b Carluke, LKS [died 1870 as aged 53 - parents unknown...]
Smalie FRAME, step-son, 10, scholar, b Hamilton, LKS
James McGHIE, son, 7, scholar, b Hamilton, LKS
ps - even later
This might be William HADDEN/HADDOW? And he's as married, but where's his family?
1851 census 647 (657) Ed 3 p 7 (Hamilton)
William HADDEN, head, marr, 54, agricultural labourer, b Carluke, LKS
Janet BROWN, servant, u/m 19, house servant, b Carluke, LKS
The bottom line being that it's still not really helping any....

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:21 pm
by caromac
I found this information at Archives Tasmania.
28997 Hadden (family name) Jean, Baird (surname) Jean, 10 Oct 1841 (date of arrival), Garland Grove (1) (ship), 23 Jun 1841 (date of departure) London (port of departure).

Has this helped. If you need confirmation, I am going to the Archives later this week to check something so it would be no trouble to get a copy of the record for you.


Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:29 pm
by caromac
Looked in another database at Archives Tasmania and found the following:

Gender: Female
Birth 1797 - SCOTLAND
Marriage/Relationship: 1825 - HAMILTON,SCOTLAND ( HADDEN, WILLIAM ) [@]
Death: 1867 - GREEN PONDS,Tasmania


Children: 174324 HADDEN ELIZABETH
174319 HADDEN ANN 1827
174322 HADDEN JAMES 1829
174320 HADDEN JANE 1833
174321 HADDEN MARY 1839

I will be able to get a copy of this information also!


Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:33 pm
by caromac
Hi again,
I have attached the following portal information which will take you straight to the record of the family. If you click on the record number beside each of the children it will give you details of the children's marriages and their families.
You should get a heap of information! ... P&id=45107
(paste this into the page thingo at the top and refresh)

Hope I have helped.



Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:55 am
by caromac
Hi William,
I have good news for you!!

I have just arrived home from the Archives and I am pleased to tell you that Jane Baird (Jean Baird alias Hadden) was transported to Tasmania on the "Garland Grove", date of departure 23 June 1841, arrived 10 October 1841. Port of departure London. Convict no. 2273.

Besides the information I have given you already I have been able to find a conduct & description record. I will have to get the conduct one printed again as it is difficult to read: one charge of assault, also misconduct leaving her masters premises without leave (she was sentenced to something, this may have been to the Female Factory at South Hobart??)
She was given a conditional pardon on 10 April 1843.
Her description reads as:
Trade, Dairy Maid
Height, 5 foot 5 inches
Age, 42
Complexion, Pale
Head, oval
Hair, brown
Forehead, wrinkled,
Eyebrows, dark brown
Eyes, Grey
Remarks, scar back of left hand, pockpitted. (I have scanned and attached to gallery).

I was have trouble with the microfilm while I was there and a lady came to my assistance. We got chatting, she saw the name Hadden and said she had been researching them as her daughter-in-law is somehow connected to them. Luckily I had the details of our posts so she confirmed there and then that it was the same family. She said that Jane's husband owned a lot of land at Kempton, where he farmed sheep. They had a large house, well off for standards at that time.
We have exchanged contact details. She has offered to provide me with copies of all the information she has collected on the Hadden family. Would it be possible to have your contact details so I can send the information to you. I know you may hesitate at this, however I can assure you that I am not an axe murderer or stalker!! Just a person who believes in "paying it forward".


Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:48 pm
by Anne H
Hi Carolyn,
That's some wonderful research you did for William. Hopefully he checks his old posts and will get back to you on this.

Wish I had some convicts in Tasmania :wink:

Anne H