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Re: Abbotsford Place Gorbals Glasgow

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:46 pm
by tbbanks888
Thanks Russell. Thank god my missus has been working this weekend (she's a nurse) - my head has been firmly imbedded in my PC. Have already got back to my 4th Great Grandfather who was born in Co. Down in 1821. Having a slight problem with 2nd Great Grandmother who I can't work out if she wasn't married, or widowed young when she had my Great Grandfather and his brother as I appear to find her later on married and with a new family in America. Parents appear to be identical (including her mother's maiden name) which is making it hard to move away from the American link. Hoping to talk to my mum's big sister (who is 89 and bright as a button) and her cousin who might be able to clear it up.

Great fun. On On.