Blairgowrie McNaughton / Brown / Doig

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Blairgowrie McNaughton / Brown / Doig

Post by paulpesda » Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:45 pm

I thought I’d throw a few names your way, to see if you can add or suggest further connections. Ideally, I’m looking for pictures of the family, but I’m planning a visit too over the next few weeks, so I’d love to be able to find my extended family.

Violet Proudfoot Doig (née McNaughton) (1914-1993) She married George Doig, and I understand that she’s laid to rest in Blairgowrie.

her brother : Malcolm McNaughton (1911-1959) worked and lived as a Ploughman at Rosemount Farm, Blairgowrie and later married Jessie (née Campbell Mackenzie) (1912-1976) at The Temperance Hotel, Blairgowrie on the 1st December 1933. He may have changed his surname to MacNaughton, but his father was definitely McNaughton. He’s laid to rest in Kippen. They had a daughter, Jessie MacNaughton who was born at Blairgowrie in 1935, but sadly also died there, the same year. I also think that Jessie Campbell Mackenzie’s parents came from Blairgowrie - father Daniel Mackenzie (1872-1919) born at Blairgowrie (son of Robert Mackenzie (1827-1879) and Christina (née Stewart) (1834-1920) - they were at Barnhead Farmhouse, Blairgowrie in 1871); mother Jane Mackenzie (née Arthur) (1882-1945) she’s laid to rest at Blairgowrie too.

her sister : Alice Younger Brown (née McNaughton) (1910-1993). She married Alexander Brown (1912- ) at Blairgowrie in 1934. He was working in Blairgowrie.

her brother John Douglas McNaughton (1908-1996) I think he’s also laid to rest at Blairgowrie. He married Elizabeth (née Pirie) (1907- ) in 1931 at the Bridge of Earn, and had a son John Douglas McNaughton who sadly was born and died in 1932 at Dunkeld.

Their parents were Douglas McNaughton (1883-1970) and Margaret (née Pyott) (1883-1965). I gather that the Pyott family were from Blairgowrie, which may explain the connection.

My connection is through Douglas’ father John McNaughton (1856-1929) and his wife Isabella (née Proudfoot (1854-1926). John was my great grandfather’s older brother, who moved to North Wales with his parents just before the 1881 census. Im not aware that either John or Isabella are connected with Blairgowrie. They had two other children and one whom I think was also connected.

David McNaughton (1881-1932) married Elizabeth Jane (née Robertson) (1873-1917) in Cargill in 1901, and following her young death, he then married her sister Jane Margaret (née Robertson) (1877- ) in 1927, again in Cargill. David and Elizabeth had four children, one of whom was Mary Thomson McNaughton (1902-1989) whom I understand is also laid to rest at Blairgowrie. She was married to Robert Duncan (1909-1973) who’s also laid to rest at Blairgowrie.

Going back to John McNaughton (brother of my great grandfather) another of his brothers was Douglas Graham McNaughton (1858-1923) who married Jessie (née Adamson) (1858- ). Their daughter Margaret (known as Maggie) Ann Fleming (née McNaughton) (1897-1986) is also laid to rest in Blairgowrie. Her husband was Hugh Fleming (1893-1963) but he is resting at Alyth, from where Maggie moved to Blairgowrie after his death.

Another brother was James Dow McNaughton (1860-1930) and his daughter is also laid to rest in Blairgowrie. Her name was Mary Eleanor Bruce (née McNaughton) (1886-1955) I’m not sure where her husband James Bruce (1864- ) is.

So, I don’t know if any of the above names mean anything to you, or if there are any members of their families still around? I’m struggling with finding pictures of the extended family, hoping that maybe someone may have the older generations too!

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Re: Blairgowrie McNaughton / Brown / Doig

Post by Fiona Brown » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:15 am

This is my husband's family - his mother was Alice McNaughton Brown, and his grandparents were Douglas and Margaret McNaughton.
If I can answer any of your questions I will be happy to do so.

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Re: Blairgowrie McNaughton / Brown / Doig

Post by SarahND » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:06 am

Hello Fiona and [TS_welcome]

How exciting that you have such a close connection! Paulpesda was last on the forum in August, but may well receive an email that someone has answered the post. If not, you might try a Private Message.

All the best,

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Re: Blairgowrie McNaughton / Brown / Doig

Post by gordon44 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:24 am

Hi , I am a descendant off Margaret Ann Fleming , nee McNaughton , my great grandmother , she lived at New Alyth , as she lived next door to my grandmother . Their are many descendants off her , my own grandmother having 7 children. Their are many still in the Blairgowrie and Alyth areas , and widespread too.
Interesting to see something online about her . Gordon McLaren

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