Military question?

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Military question?

Post by hunbun » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Hi all
My great grandfather was born in Selkirk 1899, in 1915 he joined up to the ASC (Army service cor) he was a corporal. BUT he was also at sometime in the Gordon Highlanders and the Black watch as well. I haven't been able to find his service records for the ASC but my question is, would he have had the same service number for the Gordon Highlanders, The Black watch and the ASC, and what would be the chances of finding these records. I am presuming that his ASC records where destroyed during the WW2 bombing as they aren't on Ancestry and I have only just found out recently that he was in the GH and Blackwatch. His name was John Thorburn Heatlie. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Military question?

Post by LesleyB » Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:11 pm

Hi Dawn

One of my great uncles had two separate service numbers; one for Highland Light Infantry and the other for the Royal Scots Fusiliers, so based on that you may find that there are several numbers.

Have you tried the medal card index? All those who served should be mentioned there. Service numbers are given on the cards. ... ds-ww1.htm

Reference: WO 372/9/124858
Medal card of Heatlie, John
Corps Regiment No Rank
Royal Army Service Corps M2/20512 Corporal
Date: 1914-1920
- these can be serched for at the link above, and also on Ancestry. (NA is in b&w, one side scanned only, Ancestry is in colour, both sides)
Best wishes

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Re: Military question?

Post by Currie » Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:42 am

Hello Dawn,

If he was born 1899 and joined up in 1915 he would have had to have added a couple of years to his age to get away with it.

Is it possible that he remained in the army after 1920? Could his Gordon Highlander and Black Watch service have been post war? if so his records will still be with the Ministry of Defence.

Medal cards usually have all the regiments served in with the different numbers but any regiments served post war wouldn't be included.

Only those who served in a theatre of war received campaign medals. If a soldier didn't leave the UK there would be no medals awarded and no medal card.

There's also this card under Heatie spelling with a slightly different number but looks like the same record?

Medal card of Heatie, John. Corps: Army Service Corps. Regiment No: M2/120512. Rank: Corporal.
War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War. Hampton E - Holland D. Medal card of Heatie, John. Corps Regiment No Rank Army Service Corps M2/120512 Corporal.


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