Help identifying miltary dress in photograph

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Help identifying miltary dress in photograph

Post by clairemcgillivray » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:20 pm

Afternoon all! I have very limited experience with military records, and the few military men in my family tree served almost exclusively with the Seaforth Highlanders (couple Gordon Highlanders, and a pre-amalgamation 92nd Highlander in there too) so this is stumping me.

My dad gave me a collection of photos from his side of the family, and most of the people in them are identified - apart from one formal portrait of a soldier that nobody seems to know the name of. I'm looking to see if I can narrow down the regiment, rank, time period etc. based on the photograph and see if it matches up with any known military men in the family - it wouldn't be definite proof, but it would be a possibility.

Can anyone advise resources I can use to do this? If anyone recognises any aspect of the photo, please feel free to chip in!
Interested in: McGillivray (Moray and Aberdeenshire), Alexander (Moray and Aberdeenshire), Strathdee (Moray and Banffshire), Williamson (Moray and Ross-shire) among others.

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Re: Help identifying miltary dress in photograph

Post by trish1 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:59 am

Sadly I have no idea about anything you have asked - but what a fabulous photograph. Do hope you find out who it is and where he served.


Edit: This website has hundreds of examples - could take some time to get through them all!

Drop down menu - articles and features

This one has some similarities - ... fficer.htm

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