Ships from Genoa Italy to Scotland

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Re: Ships from Genoa Italy to Scotland

Post by maggiehill » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:26 pm

The saga goes on. I now believe that my ancestor John Lando left Genoa because of Italian War period named the Sack of Genoa. It happened between 5 April and 11 April 1849 when soldiers resorted to the most petty actions against civilians, raping women and killing fathers and brothers who opposed the massacre, firing at the windows to the people surrounding and running through the streets.
John Lando probably went to Scotland during this period on a ship which was captained by Angelo Marengo with Giovanni Lando one of the crew. Giovanni’s parents were Simon Lando and Petronilla Marengo, Petronilla and Angelo were probably related.

Giovanni has no certificates covering the period between serving on the Febo and Regente between January 1846 and 1853. I wonder if he went in hiding for a short period and lost his seaman’s history.

I have also been to the local Family Search centre and looked at the British chaplaincy BMD parish records in Genoa between 1824 and 1849 but have found anything. I was surprised how many British were in Genoa during this period.

Now for my biggest regret I had put an enquiry on the Italian Genealogy forum I had a private message but I did not see it as I was not notified. This is the message;
Matthew Cachia Zammit from Malta, my great father was married to Mary Lando, daughter of i suppose a relative of John Lando. I am quite sure we are speaking about the same person because my family owns a painting of the ship Austerlitz, dated 1860s.
Would like to hear from you

I have found an address for him in Malta and replied to him by letter a while ago but have not received a reply. I have Googled him which gave me his career details also some family history. He has put some information on as site called Vimeo would I be able to contact him I join this site, I am a bit wary of using sites like this.

Family names, Lando, Turley, Finlayson, Yeoman, Pollock, French, Renwick, Watson, Pollock, Fell, Marchbanks, Greenshields

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Re: Ships from Genoa Italy to Scotland

Post by Currie » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:08 am

Hello Maggie,

You’re certainly making very good progress with it all.

I thought Vimeo was just another variety of YouTube. I doubt it’s something meant for contacting people.

Maybe there’s more than one Matthew Cachia Zammit, although a Google doesn’t bring up much. ... +Zammit%22

Everyone seems to Google their own name, so eventually he should see your TS post.

If you haven’t done so already, you could add something to the Italian Genealogy forum thread, and perhaps he’ll see that.

Best of luck,

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