Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

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Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

Post by Marilee36 » Mon May 25, 2020 11:55 am


Newbie here, I have a copy of the Notice of Admission for Samuel Smith, 4 pages long. There is a box with about 18 questions, 1 being:

"Christian name and surname of nearest known Relative of the parties and Degree of Relationship if known and wether any member of the known to be or to have been insane.?"

Answer - Wife. Mrs Agnes Drennan or Smith
Stobhill Hospital
- " -

There is also a little pencil tick beside this question box... Can anybody help? does this mean Agnes was in Stobhill at the time of Samuels Admittance to Gartloch….

I have not been able to find a death for Samuel but do know he died before 1925 as he is on his sons marriage cert, and was still alive in 1912 when he was admitted to Gartloch…..

Any ideas, help would be gratefully appreciated no matter how small..

Many Thanks


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Re: Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

Post by nelmit » Thu May 28, 2020 2:32 pm

Hi Marilee,

I'm finding it difficult to find this couple together on a census record. Do you have them in 1901 and 1911?

When and where was Samuel born?

Sorry just questions at the moment.


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Re: Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

Post by Marilee36 » Fri May 29, 2020 9:58 pm

Hi Annette

Nice to hear from you.. info as follows:-

Samuel Herd Smith b 25 Sept 1849 in Cupar, Burntisland, Fifeshire, Scotland.
Agnes M/S Drennan b 27 Mar 1871 in Ireland.

Have them both on 1911 Census from Scotlands People 644/7 16/4 Pg 4 with Family.
33 Bunce Street
Nicol Nairn Smith was my Grandfather b 1902. William Drennan Smith b1900 my Uncle , sorry but the other children are step brothers and sisters.
(Although it looks as if there are more children of Agnes and Samuel re the marriage question. 16 years, 8 children born alive 2 still living....).

1901 Census Scots People 644/6 78/7 Pg 7 Agnes has been transcribed as Ayres on Ancestry.
2 Elmvale Row St Rollox, Springburn, Glasgow.

1891 Census Scotland People 644/6 77/10 Pg 10
Samuel Smith
Frazerbank Street with wife Susan M/S Menzies and children.

Susan died 25 Jan 1895 Death Cert Scot People
Agnes and Samuel Married 12 July 1895. Marriage Cert Scots People.

I do have Samuel on all the Census records to 1851

Hope this makes sense and thank you for replying..

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Re: Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

Post by ChipChip » Sat May 30, 2020 3:39 pm


Your first post does suggest that Agnes Smith nee Drennan was in Stobhill Hospital, Balornock, Glasgow at the time of her husbands entry to Glasgow District Asylum, Gartloch near Gartcosh.
Although the question on the form does not ask for an address it's as if someone was making the point that she was not resident at home. I would have thought that the same form includes provision of the 'Usual Residence' of Samuel.
Your second post sheds a lot more light on the topic and in particular the large age difference between Agnes and Samuel. She was born in 1871 in Comber, Newtonards, County Down, Ireland. An older sister, also called Agnes, was born and died in 1869.
Samuel Smith, who was not born/baptised with a middle name, was born in 1849 in Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. The name is common on death records. If you have not already done so I would take a punt at the 1914 death in Shettleston, Glasgow. No guarantees that it is correct.

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Re: Confused!!! Gartloch Asylum

Post by Marilee36 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:21 pm

Hi Chipchip

Sorry for the delay in replying, I had missed the Previous place of Abode question, 43 Carleston Street. but thanks for the info re the Scotlands people entry, didn't try, as you kicked my brain into gear, lots of research into Gartloch, and discovered the Reg district was Cadder. Then tried searching by District for 1912. Found his death straight away, also found Agnes, 1930. 1301 Govan Rd, (Southern General Hosp). It appears Samuel was examined and sent to Gartloch from here as well.

Very sad year for Agnes, as Samuel had also also been admitted to Barnhill in 1911, have not found records for this yet, But Agnes split the boys up and Nicol aged 9, my Grandfather was put into Quarrier Orphan Homes in Sept 1912, as Samuel had been in Gartloch for 4 months, Boys were split up and William aged 11, was sent to live with Aunt, I have the Application for Quarrier Homes that Agnes filled in, Very Sad as "None of the potential relatives able or willing to help", Have addresses for 4 other relatives. Agnes at the time was living at Salvation Army Home, High Street, Glasgow. Need to find out a bit more about this.

So.. Many Thanks for the kick I needed. I could hug you...

Stay Safe

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