Neilston Cemetery Map ?

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Neilston Cemetery Map ?

Post by darylrodger » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:11 pm


I was wandering if anyone knew if there was a plan or map of Neilston cemetery, Barrhead, online ? a friend is wanting to find a family plot and is unsure where it's location is.


Daryl Rodger

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Re: Neilston Cemetery Map ?

Post by paddyscar » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:09 am

Executing a search on;_ylt ... ch&iscqry=

locates several Barrhead cemetaries along with their contact info, but did not locate any maps listed. However the contact info for Neilston may provide a location for a particular plot.

Hope this is of some help.

John Kelly (b 22 Sep 1897) eldest child of John Kelly & Christina Lipsett Kelly of Glasgow

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