Missing death record?

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Missing death record?

Post by Orlaith17 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:10 pm

My grandads sister died in Dundee District Asylum in 1937. She had one daughter, born in 1907, and was recorded as a widow on her death certificate. Her death was informed by hospital staff and not by a family member. I have searched for her husband’s death certificate, but have been unable to find one. I did a wide search for his death in GROS, as n9 idea how long she had been widowed, but nothing came up. I searched WW1 casualties too as he may have died in war, but can’t find him there either. Can anyone offer any advice please?

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Re: Missing death record?

Post by jgmills » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:13 am

Firstly, was he really dead? As the information was given by Hospital staff they may be making assumptions. They may have been estranged/divorced(So check for time period after her death)

Could be the death was mis-indexed in Scotlandspeople? - try looking for obituary in Dundee newspapers, I think several are online.

But have you checked Valuation Rolls in Scotlandspeople after 1907 - if the Father was head of House would likely turn up in those or your grandads sister maybe the head of the house.

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Re: Missing death record?

Post by Falkyrn » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:28 pm

I would also suggest trying to find any record of a marriage and see if this ties up with the daughters birth record.
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