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Ann In the UK
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Post by Ann In the UK » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:05 am

I'm just back from two weeks holiday - in Scotland! Spent the first week in the Cairngorms - stunning, if very wet - and resisted all tempation to pop into the odd cemetary or archive as we've already been north of the border three times this year on family history related excursions :D . But we spent the last week on Skye - what a stunning place - and absolutely NO family history research whatsoever....well, not that much :wink:

Part of my family were crofters in the Highlands (around Fort William) who, it seems, were caught up in what has to be the most disgraceful era in Scottish history, the Clearances. And I came across a lovely little book on the subject at the Museum of Island Life on Skye .

Although it deals largely with the islands and the places where most of those cleared ended up, it gives great insight into the effects the attrocity had on those left behind, as well as on those who left, and their descendents. Although a few years old now (this is an updated version of an earlier publication from the '70s) it's certainly one of the best books I've come across on the subject, and spouts none of the usual nonsense you come across by so-called experts on the subject who seem convinced that it was all a jolly adventure that most of those involved wanted and, indeed, did well out of. ... 184158455X

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Post by paddyscar » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:58 pm

It certainly sounds worthwhile, Ann. I'm going to check for a copy through our library.

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