Need help Please- Livingstone Family arrived in Australia??

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Need help Please- Livingstone Family arrived in Australia??

Post by michele » Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:32 am

Hi I am trying to find out when John Livingstone arrived in Australia
John did not arrive with his wife Charlotte in 1926/27? [John Livingston died in Australia]
his wife Charlotte Livingstone nee Liston arrived in South Australia around 1926/27? from Scotland /England?
with some of her children? -David -Thomas -Margaret- Charlotte L - Hannah and Harry [b-1907] LIVINGSTONE - these are the ones that I know of that came to Australia with their mother and some of John and Charlotte's children were still living in Scotland when their mother Charlotte came to Australia in 1926/27? do not know the names of those children
I think they came out on the ship? ORSOVA or the ship? HOBSONS BAY to South Australia
Thank you for your time and any help you can give me in my search
with kind regards Michele

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Re: Need help Please- Livingstone Family arrived in Australi

Post by q98929 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:57 pm

Hi michele
National Archives of Australia: ... &S=15&N=27

"SS ORSOVA" arrived Fremantle, WA on 12 January 1927. Your folk embarked at London and were scheduled to disembark at Adelaide. They were Mrs C Livingstone, Miss C L Livingstone, Miss M K Livingstone, Miss H G Livingstone, Mr T L Livingstone, Mstr D S Livingstone. Their address in Australia was recorded as "c/o Immigration Bureau".

Hoping this advances your search.
Western Australia

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Re: Need help Please- Livingstone Family arrived in Australi

Post by trish1 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:09 pm

Hi Michele

From my own immigrants I would think there are 2 things likely with regard to John Livingstone

1. Was he a sailor or similar. Could he have come separately to the family as crew? Do you have his approx date of birth - most crew records give an age

2. I would think it more likely that he came before - rather than after his wife and children. Have you found anything in the trove newspaper records indicating he was in SA before the rest of his family?

I think I have them on the electoral rolls in 1939 - John is listed as a boilermaker - so may be possible he worked his way to Australia?
Many of the children are still at home - including a Marjorie who isn't in your 1927 list (she may be the wife of one of the sons?)

There is a Mr J Livingstone - miner aged 33, last address in UK - 10 Bridge St Tranent E. Lothian left London 31 Oct 1925. Might be others if you have more detail on John.


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