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1901 Census in Scotland

The 1901 census was to count all of the people in each house at midnight on the night of 31st March-1st April 1901 and give some specific details about them. These details were given on a schedule for each household (or institution). The enumerator collected the household schedules and copied the details into the form (page of enumeration book) as shown below.

The details of the form are as listed below. The top section gives the parish, burgh or town/village names. The main section below that gives the details of each of the people in each household.

The undermentioned Houses are situate within the Boundaries of the
  • Civil Parish of
  • Parish Ward of
  • Ecclesiastical Parish of
  • Quoad Sacra Parish of
  • School Board District of
  • Parliamentary Burgh of
  • Parliamentary Division of
  • Royal Burgh of
  • Municipal Burgh of
  • Police Burgh of
  • Burgh Ward of
  • Town of
  • Village or Hamlet of
  • Island of

Draw the pen through such of the words of the headings are inappropriate.

  • No. of Schedule
  • ROAD, STREET, &c., and No. or NAME of HOUSE
    • Inhabited  #
    • Uninhabited (U.), or Building (B.)  #
  • NAME and Surname of each Person
  • RELATION to Head of Family
  • CONDITION as to Marriage
  • AGE [last birthday]
    • Males  #
    • Females  #
  • Profession, or OCCUPATION
  • Whether
    1. Deaf and Dumb.
    2. Blind.
    3. Lunatic
    4. Imbecile, feeble-minded.
  • No. of Rooms with one or more Windows  #

    # - sub-totalled on the last line of the page and carried forward to the summary pages of the census book