Who is Christian Sinclair

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Who is Christian Sinclair

Post by Der1Rofs » Tue Apr 07, 2020 4:36 am

Do we have any Sinclair Family in Islay Scotland or Ontario Canada who might be able to help?

Hi, I am Derwyn Ross, Great Grandson of Euphemia (Sinclair) Ross. I am researching the Sinclair side of my family and am stonewalled at Euphemia's sister Christian. I am only presuming her name is actually Christian. What I know is below.

Who is Christian Sinclair?
Years ago when I began my Family search adventure I was introduced to a serious Sinclair Genealogist named Toni. She was to start me on my quest to find our Great Grandmother Euphemia Sinclair.
On the Isle of Islay where I was to begin searching I learned there were two Peter and Catherine Sinclair families but only one had children named Euphemia, Christian and Margaret (Peggie):
Parochial Registers of Marriages 1820-1854 Co of Argyll Bowmore &
Kilarrow Parish #536 Microfilm #1041078

Sinclair Peter & Sinclair Catherine(3) 10 Mar 1836 Kilarrow

Peter and Catherine Sinclair(3) married in the Kilarrow parish March 10, 1836 with the following children all baptized in Kildalton:
Sinclair Peter & Sinclair Cath(3) Effie 17 May 1840 – My G Grandmother
Sinclair Peter & Sinclair Catharin(3) daug 6 Mar 1846
Sinclair Peter & Sinclair Catherin(3) Peggy 23 Apr 1849
Peter and Catherine(3) had a nameless daughter baptized on Mar 6, 1846
I have a Family Search christening record for a Christian Sinclair for the same date in the same parish (but possibly not of the same farm) and the same parents but am hoping to find a name confirmation record.
Sinclair Christening from the “Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950 which reads:
Sinclair Christening, 6 March 1846 Kildalton, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom, Female, Fathers name Peter Sinclair, Mothers name Catherine Sinclair
The 1851 Scotland Census shows Peter, Kate, Euphemia and Margaret, Catherine Orr but not Christian.
The 1861 Canadian Holland County Census shows Peter, Kate, Euphemia and Margaret but not Christian.
Did Christian Sinclair die at childbirth?
Who was the Christian informant at Peter Sinclair’s death in 1864?

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Re: Who is Christian Sinclair

Post by Ina » Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:58 pm

Hi, and Welcome to TalkingScot

I think there were several different Sinclair families on the Isle of Islay.

I am a descendant of the Sinclair’s from Islay. My 4x great grandparents were Donald Sinclair and Isobel Currie. Their children were:
Duncan B 1794
Archibald B 1796
Mary B. 1798
Isobel B 1800
Catherine B 1802
Flora B. 1804 (my 3x great grandmother)
Marion B 1809
Donald B. 1814

All of these children were born at “Balitarsin” Bowmore, Isle of Islay. Do you know what farm your ancestors were born at?

I also was in contact with Toni many years ago but she was unable to find a connection with my Sinclair’s and her Sinclair’s.

Good luck with your search for your Sinclair families.


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Re: Who is Christian Sinclair

Post by Der1Rofs » Mon May 04, 2020 3:48 am

I am not sure if this is a farm or a small region of Islay but Christian Sinclair was born across the road from the Islay Airport in "Glenegedale". That is all I have on the family there.


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Re: Who is Christian Sinclair

Post by ChipChip » Wed May 06, 2020 2:44 pm

I have no connection to the Sinclairs but have some observations on what has been said so far -

(1) It is not unheard of for a child to be born and registered without a forename. However, I have not come across a similar situation with a christening/baptism where one of the main points is to give a person a name. For that reason I suspect that the baptism detail online is not a baptism as such.
There is a tree on Ancestry which suggests that Christian was born and died on the same day. This may well be correct but there is no evidence to prove it.
(2) The family are in Scotland in 1851 but seem to be in Holland County?, Canada by 1861. I presume this is Holland district of Grey County, Ontario.
(3) Reference is made to a Christian being the informant to the death of a Peter Sinclair in 1864. The place of death is not given but it must be presumed to be in Canada. However, is it a coincidence that a Peter Sinclair, of unspecified age, died in 1864 in Kildalton & Oa, Islay, Scotland.
Normally death records in Scotland state the relationship of the Informant to the deceased and the address if the Informant resides elsewhere.
(4) The farm at Balitarsin (sometimes Ballytarson) mentioned by 'Ina' was in Killarow parish and north east of Bowmore. As far as I am aware the name no longer exists.
(5) Glenegedale Airport, the original name of Islay Airport, was built in 1935 on the land of Glenegedale Farm in Kildalton parish. The Glenegedale name still exists today

I have not solved your problem but hopefully it may take you a few steps forward.

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