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School Records

Post by hamishwaz » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:39 pm

I'm looking to find some information about my Grandmother who died young. She was the daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who lived on Oxford Street in the Gorbals and lived there in the 1920s/30s/40s. I have her birth and death records which have very little info but i'm now hoping to learn more about her by tracing her school records. Does anyone know where the records are held and how to access them? The family were devout catholic so I assume she would have attended the local Catholic school, does anyone know what school that may have been?
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Re: School Records

Post by Falkyrn » Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:04 am

The Family History Section at the Mitchell Library holds a number of school records and would normally be your first stop. Unfortunately I don't know what the situation is with the current lockdown

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Re: School Records

Post by WilmaM » Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:33 pm

I've had a look at the old maps on NLS.

There are 2 RC schools marked fairly close to Oxford street.

St John's RC Church is on Portugal Street, with 1 small building at the corner of Dunmore Street and a much larger one behind the church on Nicholson Street both marked as RC School. That area is completely different now.
Some info can be found here:

Further west on Wallace Street is another building marked RC School - between West & Tradeston Streets. Still standing but no longer a school.
According to Canmore it was also St John's [ most probably, infant, primary and Secondary schooling in different buildings around the area. ... lic-school

As Falkyrn says records are most likely to be found at the Mitchell Library, or at a push, Scotland Street Museum - but they too are closed at present.

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Re: School Records

Post by ChipChip » Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:18 pm

I am quite surprised at your comment that birth and death records have very little info. Perhaps you can tell us what information was missing that you expected to see, bearing in mind that all such records rely on the knowledge and capability of the Informant.?
In regard to catholic schools in the area the following are likely to be applicable in your timescale -
St. Frances' - Mathieson Street
St. John's - Portugal Street
St. Luke's - Govan Street (later name change to Ballater Street)
If you approach the Mitchell Library, as suggested by Falkryn, then specific school names should make it easier for staff to help you.

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