Lost in New Zealand

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Re: Lost in New Zealand

Post by JustJean » Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:09 pm

I would consider that a happy ending! :) and I'm still smiling over the Genghis Khan reference :) :roll: =D>

Malcolm I'm certain I would not consider my presense on TS large by any stretch but I do drop in from time to time and it was good to hear from you after all these years!

Alan yes it has been awhile since we've caught up. I am still picking away at my own bricks and mortar as time permits and good to hear you continue to do the same.

Best wshes

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Re: Lost in New Zealand

Post by Alan SHARP » Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:13 pm

Greetings again.

So pleased for you and your result. As they say; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Now your son has toured NZ he will be able to give pointers where our best bits are, for that trip out you will want to make.

All the best.


PS heading home this morning after meeting an international flight at 1.30 am yesterday to get a second cousin safely home, after his overseas trip was interrupted by a stay in hospital. His heart is giving some issues. Phoned a cousin of his, to see if I could call in on the way, as he holds info re the land holdings of his GT Uncles in a area I've just started researching in detail, only to be told this family are shifting him into a unit as he too is experiencing some heart issues, SO WILL NOW HAVE TO GIVE UP TRAMPING in our back country.

Those between war boys were bred tough, just like their fathers, but the point to remember is if we don't make the effort to catch up to them, all too soon we no longer have the living to make personal contact with. So much easier looking for records, when we have had access to their knowledge of family and friends.

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