Edward Currie 1775-1815 (Waterloo)

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JH Atkinson
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Edward Currie 1775-1815 (Waterloo)

Post by JH Atkinson » Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:32 pm

Researching my family tree, I have come across an Edward Currie, born 12 Apr 1775 and died 18 Jun 1815 at Waterloo.

I have tried searching military records and the only Edward Currie I have found is a Lt.Col of the 90th Foot.

I have been using https://www.archives.com/ and found his wife to be Marion Baidr Bald, with children
given as: Euphan Currie 1809- ???, Edward Currie 1807 - ??? and May Currie 1804 - ???

While I am somewhat elated to have a hero as an ancestor, I wonder if the data is correct? I notice that
military records tend to focus on officers, (40% of whom were killed at Waterloo) so perhaps there is an
'other ranks' Edward Currie somewhere?

This is his write-up:

Lt.-Col. E. Currie, 90th Foot, K.
Edward Currie, junior maj. of the 90th Foot, and bt. lt.-col., was a scion of
the Annandale family of that name who resided at Dalebank. He was the tenth
of a family who had sacrificed their home in their country’s service. Received
his first commission when only thirteen, from the Duke of York, in consequence
of the meritorious services of his father in the army. Fought under Abercromby
in Egypt, and was A.D.C. to Lord Hill in the Pa. Received the thanks of the
C.-in-C. for his bravery at Talavera, Almarez, and Aroyo de Molinos.

John H Atkinson
Douglas, Isle of Man

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Re: Edward Currie 1775-1815 (Waterloo)

Post by Currie » Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:04 am

Hello John,

See London Gazette https://www.thegazette.co.uk/all-notice ... ge-size=10

2 December 1794 - 58th Regt, Gent, to be Ensign without purchase.
26 September 1795 - 58th, Ensign E Currie to be Lieutenant.
3 November 1801 - 58th, Captain-Lieutenant Edward Currie to be Captain
11 January 1803 - 90th, Captain Edward Currie from the 58th to be Captain
20 June 1812 - Major Edward Currie 90th to be Brevet Lieut Colonel in army

There should be entries somewhere there also for following.

Morning Post, Thursday,  Dec. 12, 1811
Brevet-Captain Edward Currie, of the 90th Foot, to be Major in the army.

Morning Post, Friday,  Oct. 28, 1814
90th Regiment of Foot—Brevet Lieut.-Colonel Edward Currie to be Major, without purchase.

History of the 90th Foot. https://archive.org/details/recordsof90 ... p?q=currie

There’s a more detailed obituary here. He had a brother, Captain Currie, of the 52d regiment.
https://books.google.com.au/books?id=4X ... 22&f=false

Lancaster Gazetter, Saturday,  July 17, 1813.
Among the officers who fell gloriously in the battle of Vittoria, were Captain Currie, son of Dr. Currie, of Liverpool, and nephew of Dr. Currie, of Chester.

The brother is likely Capt. J. H. Currie, 1st batt, 52d reg. Wounded slightly in 1812.

Sisters of James Hunter Currie of 52d foot, Sarah and Elizabeth, receiving a pension in consideration of his service. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=zh ... 22&f=false

“Other ranks” are unlikely to be listed. The guest list at Lord and Lady Whatever’s garden party usually got much more attention.

Hope that helps,

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Re: Edward Currie 1775-1815 (Waterloo)

Post by Currie » Mon Dec 07, 2020 10:08 am

Much more here. Wife’s name Anna Maria.
http://www.theonlinebookcompany.com/Onl ... ldiers/230

James Hunter Currie was a Lieutenant in the 9th regiment in 1803.
https://archive.org/details/listofoffic ... p?q=currie


JH Atkinson
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Re: Edward Currie 1775-1815 (Waterloo)

Post by JH Atkinson » Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:35 pm

Thank you so much for this research; I'm not 100% convinced this is my ancestor though.

I have the wife of my Edward Currie as Marion Baird Bald but he did have three children
as mentioned, names May 1804, Edward 1807 and Euphan 1809.

No Anna Maria mentioned.

I have read elsewhere that 40% of officers were killed at Waterloo.

I have been using https://www.archives.com/ which I find can be a bit erratic; one
ancestor appears twice, with different mothers, but both of these have the surname
Witted. I suppose it's possible that one boy was staying with a related family when the
census called. A birth certificate should clear it up, if they show the mother's name in
1888. They both died in 1970, so it's the same one!

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