It just takes time.

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Re: It just takes time.

Post by gwennypenny » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:53 pm

I am very sorry for your loss.
What web site are you all using for your findings

lynne smith
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Re: It just takes time.

Post by lynne smith » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:06 am

I am just so pleased to say that I have finally found the answer to Ellen Charlton who left a small inheritance to my mother. Ellen Peat, sister to Martha Hannah Peat and Robert Peat (their father John Peet) married Robert Scofield, and after the death of her sister Martha Hannah Peat and Martha's husband George Brewer, they adopted the child of Martha and George, my grandfather Stanley Brewer. Ellen Scofield (nee Peat) and Robert Scofield divorced. Ellen Scofield married Daniel Bonsell, and they had Ellen Bonsell who married John H.W. Charlton. My grandfather said he was an only child, and was raised by an aunt, and that part is fact, however, he never mentioned that he was adopted around the age of 4, and that the adopting parents kept his last name Brewer in tact. He was also adopted by Daniel Bonsell, and again his last name was kept in tact. He had a sister named Ellen Bonsell who married John H.W. Charlton, and she was the person who left a small inheritance to my mother who's father, Stanley Brewer was Ellen Charlton nee Bonsell's brother. Let me tell you, I did not figure this out, a lovely lady who saw my struggles with this figured it out, and sent me the documents to boot! I had bits and pieces of this, but not enough to put the whole thing together, a case of can't see the forest for the trees! So in the end, Ellen Peat and Daniel Bonsell were my grandfather's parents, and Ellen Charlton was my grandfather's sister.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who were so supportive at the time of my son's death, especially the lady who sent me the message of her lovely father and young brother. I copied that note and it still sits on the top of my desk, and I read it often, even though it brings tears, it has helped me through.


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Re: It just takes time.

Post by Alan SHARP » Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:11 pm

Greetings Lynne.

Thank you for the update. It is great to hear, that with help, you have been able to resolve that issue, now leaving you free to move forward to the next challenge/s. Getting a second opinion, can be a great help, when it comes to sorting out the trees in the forest, and I've found TS members to be very good in this regard.

Hope those Grandsons are doing just fine. All the best.


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