Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

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Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

Post by Marilee36 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:04 pm

Hi Guys

Looking for Samuel Smith ,B 1849 Burtisland, Died 30th October 1912, in Gartloch Asylum.

Does anybody know where Samuel might be buried, and where to start looking for him?.

Also Agnes Smith, B1871, Ireland. Died 1930, Southern General Hosp.

Any Ideas please?.

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Re: Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

Post by WilmaM » Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:00 pm

If you search on here for Gartloch you'll get a few threads on the topic.

This one may be of more use:

However all the research etc facilities are closed at the moment, so you may be waiting a while for any reply.

A simple answer is - he could be buried in countless places!
Did you mention in the other thread [ BTW it's easier to keep to the one thread] that Samuel or Agnes had children from a previous marriage?

If so they could be buried with the previous spouse, with any children who died in infancy or indeed with parents if there was a family Lair in the home district.
The asylums in Scotland didn't as far as I'm aware have a burial ground on site - none showing on any maps certainly, so if the family didn't claim for burial the paupers' grave would have been in the nearest cemetery to the death location. Bedlay or Old Monkland might be the nearest ones at that stage.
Agnes might be in Craigton, that's the most common one for the Southern general/Govan area .

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Re: Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

Post by Marilee36 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:39 pm

Thanks for the reply Wilma..

Will have to hold off research until tomorrow, Staring work soon.

Samuels death was registered by his son John Smith, rather than the hospital staff themselves, so hopefully they claimed the body!

Thankyou for the advice.
Much appreciated.
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Re: Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

Post by » Wed Aug 25, 2021 10:18 am

I too am looking for the burial of my Grandmother
Isabella Scott born Simmers in 1843 Drumoak, Aberdeen
I am in receipt of her Applilcation for Relief papers. Last entry states
10/11/1909 Isabella Summers Scott died in Gartloch Asylum and buried by Relatives.

Does this mean the burial was paid for by the family and she was buried in the Gartloch parish, if so what is the name of the parish.
I have been on MI and cannot find her name anywhere - probably because I do not know where to look.

Would someone be able to advise me where to look.

Many thanks.

Sheron Stephenson

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Re: Gartloch - Where? Pauper Burials

Post by ChipChip » Sat Aug 28, 2021 1:07 pm

I appreciate that this is your first post to TalkingScot but it probably would have been better to create a separate thread with Isabella's name prominent in the heading. People are attracted to names/surnames because they may relate to someone in their family tree.

The question you are asking is a very difficult one to solve. Finding a place of burial usually needs a lot of detective work with limited guarantee of success.

According to the index on ScotlandsPeople Isabella was born (1843) in Aberdeenshire as Symmers, married (1866) as Simers or Simmers, died (1909) as Scott.
Although originally from Aberdeenshire she and her husband (George?) were in Glasgow by around 1878 when he died (this needs to be checked if you do not already know it). They had several children and any or all of them are likely to be the relatives responsible for arranging the burial of Isabella. There is no guarantee that she was buried in Cadder registration district which apparently covers Gartloch Asylum. It is more likely that she was buried by one of her children wherever they lived. That may not be Glasgow. Financial constraints re burial costs could play a part.

Finding a gravestone does give one a great deal of satisfaction even though the details on the stone, or lack of them, may be a disappointment. Please keep in touch to let us know how you are progressing. Possibly some others may be able to help you take a step forward.

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