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Post by DavidWW » Sat Feb 03, 2007 8:21 pm

acclimatised ?? :wink:


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Post by Russell » Sat Feb 03, 2007 8:31 pm

Its a lengthy word for Hardy David

Its a life long process and I'm quite far along it. :D

Working on: Oman, Brock, Miller/Millar, in Caithness.
Roan/Rowan, Hastings, Sharp, Lapraik in Ayr & Kirkcudbrightshire.
Johnston, Reside, Lyle all over the place !
McGilvray(spelt 26 different ways)
Watson, Morton, Anderson, Tawse, in Kilrenny

marilyn morning
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Post by marilyn morning » Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:46 am

Now Now Catriona

I think the word is acclimated.
In other words - it's all right for us residents but does give at least one reason why some of our fellow countrymen/women departed for different climes.

Russell the Hardy
Feart I may be but never a coward and Marilyn did visit Kilbarchan you know. Davie says its even worse in Lochwinnoch
Dear Russell the Hardy,

This appears to be a good opportunity to throw in my two cents worth :lol:

Fasten your seatbelt, this may take a minute to explain. :?

Once upon a time, actually it was April of 2005! After a day of skiing at Bretton Woods Ski Area in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a.k.a.
God's Country! It was the 20th anniversary of "The Beach Party" held at BW. ... ettonWoods

So upon my return journey back to Rhode Island, which took approx 3 1/2 hours, I had a great deal of time to ponder the day's events. Hence, the idea of a beach party came to mind for some fun time on TalkingScot. I'm wondered :roll: all the way home, what the Administration of TalkingScot, a.k.a. AG, would think of the idea, once I presented it to them? The rest is history actually, because this year will mark our 3rd TS Beach Party. Also worth mentioning, is the cold reception the idea received at first, from the members of TS. But now that I had a visit to my great grandfather, John Morning's homeland, I can fully understand why a beach party was not met with open arms. Its darn cold in your part of the world. At least in late May, when I made my visit last year. :lol

On the 29th of May 2006, I along with my grandson, Joe and 4th cousin, Jim & Marriannne Morning stood in line for our pass into Endinburgh castle.
I stepped out of line to take a few pictures of the dark skyline, only to be interupted by the pelting of hail falling from the dark sky above. OMG I laughed so hard, thinking we're having a TS Beach Party in only a few weeks. How could this be, I asked myself? It has to warm up over here? Later that day, my husband called and told me it was over 90 degrees in Rhode Island.

Russell, yes I did visit, Kilbarchan along with many other areas of Scotland and must admit, I found the weather to be very interesting. Next time, I'm bringing my gloves, and winter coat, regardless of what time of year it is! So now you know how the Beach Party began here on TS.

Marilyn from a long line of Morning's of Johnstone & Kilbarchan

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