Gayfield Street, Glasgow

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Re: Gayfield Street, Glasgow

Post by alisonmackenzie » Sun Jun 26, 2022 4:59 pm

Only 12 years late to this thread!

I have just started researching my family history and was searching for Gayfield Street as that is where my Gran was born and brought up. Her and her three sisters and brother and parents of course. They were Armour.

They lived at Number 7 Gayfield Street - she was born in 1920 and I think the family were there until at least 1946 as this is the address on my Aunts Marriage certificate.

When I was younger, Gran and Aunty would spend hours telling me stories of the time there and they seemed to have a very happy childhood in and around the street! (I dearly wish I had recorded these stories!!).

If anyone has any updated information I would love to hear it.


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Re: Gayfield Street, Glasgow

Post by WilmaM » Mon Jun 27, 2022 4:49 pm

Ten years is nothing in genealogy! Welcome to Talking Scot !

The Valuation Rolls have a James M Armour living at 7 Gayfield Street Glasgow from 1925 - 1940, as a tenent.
He seems to be at 207 Gourlay street in 1920, and 206 Gourlay Street in 1915. They may have moved just shortly after the details were taken.

Gourlay street is still partially there, but although it's 'your' end, number 206 and 207, which seemed to be on opposite corners of the Endrick Street junction, aren't the surviving original buildings! ... rs=170&b=1

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