Kelly's Directory of Glasgow 1972 - Look-ups Offered

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Kelly's Directory of Glasgow 1972 - Look-ups Offered

Post by WilmaM » Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:18 pm

I have in my possession a Kelly's Directory of Glasgow for 1972.
I believe my father rescued it from a skip when Springburn College were re-doing the library or somesuch.

Kellys were established in 1799 and were the forerunner of Telephone directories.

This one contains a wealth of information:
Alphabetical list of Private Residents and addresses
Alphabetical list of streets with the occupants, businesses and location of adjoining streets plus postal districts
Alphabetical list of Commercial & Professional, including Proprietors/Directors/matrons/managers as the case may be, plus address and phone number
Glasgow Trades & Professional Directory- Starting with Abattoir Equipment and ending with Zip Fasteners.
The Official Directory comes next:
MPs, Lord Lieutenants, JPs, City Councillors, Corporation Departments, Courts Prisons, Organisations, Trade Bodies, Charities, Cemeteries even the Librarians in each Public Library.
Public Transport is a separate section
Ecclesiastical Directory
lastly the Educational Directory.

All very interesting stuff if you've folks in the city at that period of time. It's not an exaggeration to say it's worth it's weight on gold - it weighs over 4lbs!

If we can help looking anything up do ask and Kitkat or I will have a look.

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